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Interviewing at Gartner: Tips and Tricks for Veterans from Veterans

July 23, 2018

handshake-thumbAre you a military veteran looking for your next personal and professional challenge? Are you looking for a career that lets you share your ideas and make an impact? At Gartner, you will work at the forefront of innovation and explore a variety of business fields — all with the backing of a well-respected global company. With your leadership experience, ability to problem-solve under pressure, and aptitude for teamwork, you’ll be sure to make an immediate impact on the company.

Are you interested in growing with Gartner? Our veteran associates have outlined a few tips and tricks that will help you nail your Gartner interview.

Interviewing for a new role can be intimidating, but at Gartner we’re looking for veterans who are eager to bring the skills they’ve learned while in the military to the job. At Gartner, our team is intrinsically motivated by a shared set of values where everyone strives to do their best, not only for themselves, but also for their team.

For military veterans who are interested in joining the Gartner team, Gartner Events Attendance Specialist and former U.S. Army Sergeant Jason Sechrist describes a few military-learned traits that can help you succeed in the corporate world.

How Military Veterans Can Succeed During an Interview at Gartner

72450“During my interview process, I shared many stories of the challenges I faced while in the military and how the training I received helped me to overcome these challenges. In the military, we are often faced with problems that need to be resolved immediately, often without the desired tools. Highlight these situations and describe how the military trained you to overcome any obstacle,” says Sechrist.

Attention to detail: Although the general meaning of “paying attention to detail” is quite different in the military versus the corporate world, its importance is the same. At Gartner, no matter what role you are in, we strive to provide our clients and partners with the best possible experience; therefore, having this core value will make you an invaluable asset.

Drive to complete the mission: Whether you are actively serving and are looking to enter the corporate world, or are looking to transition toward the next step on your career path, being able to remain focused on priorities and act toward an end goal is crucial. Having the ability to persevere when faced with challenges and ensure a task is completed in entirety is something that will go a long way at Gartner. Critical thinking and solving problems strategically will ensure that our clients, both internally and externally, are satisfied.

Discipline: When juggling multiple projects, meetings and phone calls at once, prioritization and self-discipline is key! Although self-discipline may take on a different form while actively serving, the willpower military veterans bring to the corporate world is unparalleled.

Are you a veteran looking to explore joining Gartner? Search for available opportunities here.

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  • Josh Mills says:

    Jason is an outstanding team mate!

  • Eric P Preus says:

    It is encouraging to know this great company values veterans and the skills they can bring to the table such as leadership, resilience, and perseverance.